Enable winners to achieve their dreams


Mentor, Coach and Train to spark the winner in you


An honest and people oriented approach stitched with integrity



Infirich Solutions was born with a view to enriching people’s lives with core concept that continuous learning enables individuals to lead a successful life/career. Providing timely interventions to individuals through training / mentoring / coaching will help them to work to their maximum potential.


The 3P Model

Coaching helps to boost Self Confidence – understand what caused your earlier success and how to overcome the current challenges by following the 3P model 

  • Purpose : Find out the purpose
  • Present : Where are you now?
  • Press Forward : What would you do to reach your goal?

Your coaching timeframe

  • 1-4 meetings    – “PURPOSE ” – Setting goals.
  • 5-8 meetings    – “PRESENT” – Identify gaps.
  • 9-10 meetings  – “PRESS FORWARD” – Action Plan.