My experience summary

I started my coaching journey with a fair degree of awareness of some behavior patterns at work, that were not very empowering. Yet, I was not able to change them on my own. My coaching experience with Shyam over six months helped me get to the underlying beliefs that were causing these repeated behaviours. Going deep into the beliefs helped me change release some of these patterns.

Getting good coaching is like finding a key to a lock you’ve been trying to open for a long time on your own. You do need another perspective and voice to be able to see the key that’s been in your hand all along.

I also picked up some helpful habits like regular journaling, which helped me make rapid progress. The role plays helped me truly understand the value of communicating with empathy. For me the big a-ha moment was to realize that I need to first respect and value myself and what I bring, and everything else falls in place from there.

I got lucky to have worked with Shyam as a coach. He genuinely cares! He also has an incredible capacity to ask just the right questions and make the right suggestions. I found myself making progress in every session. Shyam is approachable, knowledgeable and has the right balance of empowering and challenging you at the same time.

For me, this experience has been a step change in seeing myself as a leader in my organization and how I can really be my best self at and outside work. This would not have been possible without getting to the underlying belief system and Shyam helped me navigate it very well. I feel like a changed person, having dropped the beliefs and behaviors that were not serving me.

My coaching engagement far surpassed my expectations. I’m now a firm believer in coaching and in its power to change your life. Hands down, Shyam is the best coach I’ve worked with!