You have the right to be happy!

Struggling to reach your goal?

Are obstacles stopping you in your tracks causing self doubt?

Self doubt can cause damage by slowing you down in your journey towards your goal, delaying actions, procrastination and sometimes you may give up on the goal.

And if you are asking yourself, if this self doubt about me, is true?

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If yes, then try these tips to kickstart your journey towards your goal, again:

  • Take time to reflect on your achievements so far in your life and realise that you have the potential in you to repeat your success.
  • Begin with reiterating the below to yourself till you start believing in YOU.

“This is the greatest year ever of my life (Quote by: Les Brown). I can achieve my goal, yes, this is the year I want it to happen, no matter what .” 

  • To sustain the energy and the belief that, you can achieve anything you focus on, realise those inner strengths.
  • Keep your focus on your strengths, take baby steps on a daily basis, celebrate each achievement and love yourself for that.
  • Don’t feel sad because of a certain weakness, this will slow you down and you may loose your focus. It’s alright to have a weakness. But don’t focus on it. There is time to work on it.
  • But right now, thinking on your strengths will keep you happy. Thinking on weakness will keep you sad. We don’t want that now, do we?
  • Anything is possible, if you have done it earlier, you can do it now!

You have the right to be happy. Go for it. May you be successful again, and again.

And, do share your success story.

Shyam Y N, Transformation Coach