My coaching experience:


BY a Commercial Lead


“Dear readers, I would like to share for you my coaching experience with Shyam in couple of sentences although the complexity of the feelings and the broad range of topic we debated during our sessions were quite large.

As probably most of the ones who went through a coaching session, I experienced different feelings before starting my first call. Anxiousness, discomfort and a bit of fear comes to me, knowing that the main topic of the discussion will be my own person. During my career, I used to assess and evaluate many persons, trying to be objective and fair. With me it was a bit different due to the severe way I was evaluating myself, the criticism I used to address to myself. I couldn’t imagine a person with whom to share all my thoughts about myself. Like a magician, my coach succeeds to bring me smoothly into the right mood to tackle deep subjects concerning my own existence.

At first, the coaching program helped me to phrase essential questions to myself in the right way like: who I really am? what I want from myself? What do I need to change to myself? This, simply, allowed me to discover the deep values of my life, creating a solid basement for my future development. Knowing ourselves first is the beginning of a consistent life!

The second value coming from my conversation with Shyam is about the perfectionism. Running for the perfect solution or the perfect decision, hunting the perfect person in a position or just simply asking the others to act perfect in a certain moment is simply not in our human nature. Failures are bringing frequently more learnings than the success. Strong teams are learning at most from mistakes rather than success. The way we are administrating long list of failures and successes are defining our consistent development.

Nevertheless, during the coaching sessions, I learned how to act openly, performing my talents, expressing by case my authority but meantime  showing also my vulnerabilities, sharing feelings, emotions and sentiments with the others. There is nothing more positive than opening your depth, accepting your imperfection. Practicing this, you will see the magic! People are getting closer to each other, positive attitude will overcome stubbornly, fun will prevail the “grey” atmosphere. Before helping others, we should help ourselves, understanding our irregularities, accepting our asymmetries.

Getting closer to the end of the program, I feel myself more prepared for the future challenges, more open to cope tough situations, more approachable by the others. Meantime, I’ve learned to put persons first, to act balanced in consent with soul and mind.

At the end, the coaching program helps you to perform your life better, start changing yourself before asking the others to change. Being in the plane, in  an emergency, you are invited to put the oxygen mast to yourself and just after this to help the others ! Following the same scenario, Shyam played the role of the aircraft captain in a professional way, delivering to me a high-quality program.

Adapted to my program, showing flexibility and consistence in deliveries, I would recommend him to all of the ones who are ready to change something, to learn and, nevertheless to have fun!

Thank you Shyam!”