Leadership Coaching Program:

Have you been wondering lately on, “now that I am a Certified Coach/have applied for Certification,  how do I  go about being a Leadership Coach and commence my corporate coaching journey.”

Leadership Coaching:

  • A Coach supports Coachees with career development, professional goals and long term workplace success strategies.
  • Coachees can reach their maximum potential and enhance their leadership skills.
  • Coaching has to be customized based on different needs of the customer,hence, Coach has to continuously learn to be effective moving from being efficient.

Finally, here is a program for anyone to register and benefit to coach leaders.

We will cover in the program:

  1. Understand assessments and its applications.
  2. Understand on the competencies involved in leadership coaching.
  3. Understand management philosophies and basic understanding on managerial and leadership qualities.
  4. Understand how to set expectations and inform participants on what is coaching and what is not.
  5. Understand on how to check Coachee’s progress on coaching sessions.
  6. Get Mentoring and Supervision on your coaching session transcript (on you, Coachee and competencies) to help you to be effective to impact fully for the coaching assignments.
  7. Understand on how to go about contracting with the clients, send proposals, etc.

If you are interested to know more and register for the program, please reach out to me on

Call on us or write to us for any more information on 9620958976 / shyam@infirich.com