My learnings due to Shyam’s ¬†coaching, the session has been a eye opener for me:

  • I used to think that I have better understanding about what I want to do in professional and personal life, post meeting Shyam and his sessions, I can say I’m very clear.

Would like to quote some examples,

  • I always thought myself as a caring leader, who gives space to my team, but during his observations, he could point out that I actually get aggressive and at times making people feel discouraged with the choice of words, I use at that time, Shyam was able to make me identify the thoughts during those situation and I could list my areas of improvement.
  • Post one session, after listing my actionables, there was a nearly one of half months gap to next session and enegry levels towards agreed actionables was declining, he could identify those small wins and connect with the actual goals and could reinstate my confidence to continue, I realized that I get content with smaller achievement and tend to slow down towards final goal.
  • What seemed impossible about 3 months ago, I’m able to do regularly now.

Progress review of my team was not a regular habit with me, I used to review only when there was significant drift from agreed targets, which I’m able to follow for consecutive months now and I can see the benefits.

  • Used to have victim mindset towards my supervisor and in the 1st meeting itself, Shyam was able to get me out of that and today, I’m responsible for my actions, no regrets.

After reaching certain level, everyone tends to make goals, but the initial energy that brought them tends to drain and personal coach is an effective way to get back and keep the journey ON.