“I am grateful for the Mentor Coaching and learning I’ve had during the last couple of months with Shyam YN, Infirich Solutions. His strength lies in the depth of his knowledge, his associations, and experience in professional coaching. This journey has transformed me and the way I looked at coaching. It has taught me about the importance of professional coaching to move clients forward, using the ICF core competencies. That the journey of coaching is not about advising being a Consultant or listening to the Coachee as a Counselor, a trap that I used to get into, which would not empower the Coachee in any manner. It’s a much more powerful process when the Coachee is allowed to come up with their own solutions through active listening, inquiry, probing, awareness, powerful questioning, and more.

 The Mentor Coaching program enabled me to develop on the core competencies required to coach effectively and learn through the process of personalised feedback and feed forward. The program also enabled me to get past obstacles to being an effective professional coach. I spoke with a couple of other Coaches who have completed their ACC certification and have observed that the Mentor Coaching with Shyam has raised me to the level of a transformative and Professional coach. The entire process of coaching is so powerful now that my Clients are benefiting immensely from the coaching sessions. It can only get better with practice and moving to the next higher level. Am sharing this so that it can move someone here forward. Thank you”

“Mentor Coaching with Shyam is an amazing journey of discovery and learning. While working on the ICF core Competencies and the basics of program there is so much more. I am grateful to have Shyam as my mentor Coach as he is a person of his word and committed towards your growth. His intense zeal of excellence helps you want to be a better coach… His observations and way of coaching is very unique and irreplaceable. His knowledge and experience both speak for him.”