Recommendation from a Senior Leader from an MNC:

I would like to write this mail to express my appreciation to your professional coach support to me in the past 4 months.

Everyone deserves an exceptional coach!

These are my sincere words from my heart! Can not believe that we

talked about so many important things, including value system, believe system, my inner fears, how to create my personal branding, how to live out my strengthen, how to release my burden, express more and be more myself…

Thanks to the whole experience in which I truly understand why we need a mirror outside to help self-development. You are not only just holding the environment, giving straight forward feedback and sharing with me your observations but also be there to listen and support, with great patience and large space to allow me to think, to pause, to stop and even to have my tears.

How time flies! Without thinking too much about the time, we finally

come to the end now,  I have more clear awareness that everything

outside or inside are my choices and I am the owner of everything about me, which give me more freedom and ownership to think and make my decisions.

And I also realise that I actually have so many energies, although many of them are angry which were denied by myself before since I think angry is black and I can hurt others and the relationship. So basically I am not myself but try best to be a good person without disturbing and bothering others and doing everything by my own.

Maybe I have some sense about this before , but through these coaching sessions , I am more clear about this and all of a sudden, the world outside is changed, in a fantastic way of changing, very fast and easily.

Recently, I can clearly see more talks and assertiveness comes out when facing conflicts or disagreements with others. I can enjoy the process and feel the energy is flowing between me and my partner. I do not think anyone can hurt from these “fight” but believe we are open and learn from each other!

Also, I would like to thank myself since at the very beginning, I was a little bit hesitated to choose a coach like you. I was worried about our culture and some things I heard from internet.

“ how do you think of me, as a female Coachee in front of you?”

“ how about our culture difference and how about your perspectives about my sharing?”

but I decided to keep going since I would like to go through and find the answer by myself and thanks to the decision I made. In the end, we belong to the same race, we are human being and I can feel your compassionate support and deep understanding, sometimes  more understanding than myself!

What an awesome learning I have! Thanks again Shyam!

Right now, I am on the way to be a coach too and I totally believe that someday , not very far, I will be like you, to be an authentic mirror , to be a big container and to be a real leader can be with him/her.

Thanks a lot and all the best!