Recommendation from the Senior  level  leader at a Fortune 500 company

Talking to you makes me believe in myself more and do wonders out there!

Initially I did not believe in the sessions, and only thought it was a routine coaching exercise. Because, you know, we Indians do not value what comes to as a free commodity, I soon realized I was prey to this too.”

“I must acknowledge the style Shyam approaches one with. He lets you choose and flows with you, making sure you realize what you must.”

“I am now able to sail through some difficult situations at work, without any hesitation to bring about greater impact, build greater relationships within the teams and peer groups.  I am now able see through a lens which gives me a different perspective. I have caught myself empathizing with the opposite person more often. I am now able to plug out from a situation and think through and take steps that I wouldn’t have if I were to be in the situation throughout.  I have learnt to understand that the people around me carry different strengths, identify them and encouraging them to use more of their strengths every day.

Thank you for enabling this Shyam!”

***Name kept confidential